In this week's installment of This Week In Music, Topspin's Ian Rogers speaks with G7 VP Andre Gaccetta about his company's processes for bringing brands and bands together.

Gaccetta says there are three gauges for the relationship: awareness, interest and engagement. Awareness is easily measurable through the number of views or listens an ad may get through its specific medium (measuring listening numbers for a radio program where the ad runs, for instance); interest can be measured through monitoring traffic spikes week to week after an ad campaign is launched; and engagement is displayed by providing an immediate call to action for the targeted audience, whether it be through a poll asking whether they liked a track or not or offering ways to purchase products associated with the branding, whether it be the product or the track.

Gaccetta also talked about the methods his company uses in pairing music and brands, and outlines the ultimate benchmark for his company: "If we're doing a good job, the ideas are resonating in popular culture.

Watch the full video below: