Executive Playlist: Vevo's Doug McVehil: NIN, Zola Jesus, Jon Hopkins 'Make My Spine Tingle'

Vevo's Doug McVehil

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Vevo senior VP of content and programming Doug McVehil directs all aspects of music video programming for Vevo’s web, mobile/tablet and connected TV platform. Working closely with the labels and artist management, he leads the team that secures the best music video premieres and creates original branded content and live events that reach more than 55 million monthly unique viewers in the U.S. Prior to joining Vevo 2011, McVehil spent more than 15 years in digital marketing at Epic Records.

Doug McVehil, senior VP of content and programming, Vevo

"I'm proud of the fact that the Vevo team is made up of individuals who are passionate about an incredibly diverse array of music. We have fans of everything from K-pop to death metal and country to hip-hop.

Their passion translates to the breadth and variety of our content programming. That said, as the name implies, pop reigns supreme and I spend a lot of my time focused on the biggest artists in the world. That's why I enjoy playlists with artists like the ones I've included here.

My playlist ranges from new material from old favorites to artists I've stumbled upon through friends’ playlists and recommendations or picked out of algorithmic suggestions. I know little or nothing about many of these acts other than the fact that their music provides me with twists and turns and surprises beyond those of the typical pop song and they make my spine tingle. That is all I need to know.

As for the more well-known artists here, I respect the fact that they are decades into their careers and are still making relevant, exciting music. Anyone who knows me would be shocked if there weren't a Nine Inch Nails song included and I even managed to squeeze in one from my beloved Pet Shop Boys. They aren't here for the sake of nostalgia -- both put out exceptional records last year and put on two of the best live productions in recent memory."

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