Weird Merch: Drake, Miguel, Jay Z Fail Meme Polo Shirts

It's not often that we here at let our hair down -- we keep our mullets up in a bun between 9 and 5, just like you -- but it's important to keep in mind that this business of music is, more often than not, about enjoyment as much as it is about streaming royalty rates and worldwide publishing deals. In that spirit we present to you "Weird Merch," a new column detailing precisely that. Enjoy.

Miguel, Jay Z, Drake Fail Meme T-Shirts

Fashion designer Joseph Evans took it upon himself to commemorate the music industry's finest, in their less-than-proudest moments, in a selection of polo shirts. From left to right: Miguel landing poorly on an audience member's head at the Billboard Music Awards, Jay Z's attempt to dive into a pool (it was literally and figuratively a flop), and Drake's head-to-toe Dada fashion faux pas. Miguel's appears to be sold out already, but the other two are still available on Evans' appropriately named website, (via Consequence of Sound).