Houston-based label Rap-A-Lot Records has signed a multi-year agreement with RED Distribution, a Sony Music Entertainment-owned sales and marketing division that handles releases for over sixty independent record labels, for digital and physical distribution in the U.S. and Canada effective August 15th.

Previously distributed by INgrooves, Rap-A-Lot Records was founded in 1986 by James Prince, the company's CEO and president. Since the Geto Boys proved the label's break-out act, Rap-A-Lot has been instrumental in the recognition of "gangsta rap" and Southern hip-hop as well as an inspiration for collectives like Cash Money and fostering the careers of rappers including Pimp C, Slim Thug and Bun B, who will release his new album in October.

With contemporary rappers like Joey Bada$$ and Kendrick Lamar nodding to 90's hip-hop, Rap-A-Lot's catalog further molds RED's base of legacy product from this era, which includes the iconic Ruthless Records, Loud, Relativity, Hypnotized Minds and Violator.

"Over 25 years, James Prince has kept Rap-A-Lot true to its roots, while always pushing the boundaries of rap music," writes Alan Becker, SVP of Product Development at RED, in an official statement. "Like RED, Rap-A-Lot has endured the test of time and is still on top of its game. We are invigorated to be partnered with Rap-A-Lot as the label enters into the next round of its impressive history."

Adds RED President Bob Morelli, "James Prince and Rap-A-Lot have made a mark as one of the most significant imprints in the history of rap music. With the incredible catalog and new Bun B album coming in October, we are well positioned for a great new chapter in the Rap-A-Lot story."