Dave Lombardi has been ptomoted to VP of promotion for Caroline, the independent services division of Capitol Music Group. In his new position, Lombardi will be responsible for Caroline's promotion department, which includes conceiving and directing promotion strategies while maintaining ties with Caroline's artists and labels.

“Dave has been an integral part of the Promotion team that has driven success for Caroline artists such as M83, Slash, Alter Bridge and more in recent years," label president Dominic Pandiscia said in a statement. "Additionally, his years of experience at Astralwerks, EMI and other labels, breaking singles and working with artists at every level of development, are truly unmatched.”

“I am thrilled to be part of the shared vision for the new Caroline, led by Dom and Mike, and I cannot thank them enough for the opportunity," Lombardi added. "Plus, we all feel the buzz of the re-energized Capitol Music Group under the leadership of Steve Barnett, Greg Thompson and Michelle Jubelirer, and I know that great times lie ahead.”

Lombardi, who first forayed into the music industry as a club DJ, joined the company in 2004 as head of promotion for Astralwerks/EMI. Between then and now, he has acted as head of promotion for Caroline and national promotion director for EMI Special Ops.

As part of his expanded role, Lombardi has appointed Amber Bouchard, formerly program director at WEQX, as national director of promotion in the Midwest. He has also named Chris Seeger, of Warner Bros. Records and In2une, as national director of West Coast promotion.

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