Drummer Robin DiMaggio will assume the role of musical director on Arsenio Hall’s new talk show, which is scheduled to debut in September.
DiMaggio -- who has toured and recorded with artists such as Paul Simon, David Bowie and Diana Ross -- will lead a band featuring guitarist Rob "Fonksta" Bacon, bassist Alex A,l and the keyboardist-singers Sean Holt (who also plays saxophone) and Victoria Theodore.
“I’ve got an incredible band and they’ll help me, too, (with booking),” Hall tells Billboard.

During Hall’s talk-show run in the late 1980s and '90s, “I ran into Phil Collins and said, ‘Come on and sing ‘In the Air Tonight,’" and he says, "‘If I can use your band, I’ll do it this week.’ It is very crucial that my band is good."
Hall adds, “If [an artist is asking], 'can I use your band,' he has to have seen your show and know your band is fire. I’m narcissistic if I brag about me or the show, but I know this band is great. I am so glad these guys agreed to come off the road and do this.”
Hall knew Bacon from him playing with TLC, Johnny Gill and Chaka Khan; he called Stevie Wonder to say he wanted to hire his bandmate Theodore; and Al, Hall says, is “one of my favorite bass players.”
Like the band that played on his previous show -- and included pianist Michael Wolff and the bassist John B. Williams -- this one will also be called the Posse.
“The Arsenio Hall Show” will debut Sept. 9.