A new documentary about the early life of Doors frontman Jim Morrison is in the works.

Filmmakers Jeff Finn and Jess Finn are looking to raise $50,000 via a Kickstarter campaign so they can complete and release the doc, "Before the End: Jim Morrison Comes of Age."

Featuring interviews with family members and friends who have never spoken of Morrison on camera before, the doc features remembrances by Morrison's brother Andy Morrison, his childhood friend Jeff Morehouse, and several of Morrison's professors from both Florida State University and UCLA. Also included: personal recollections from Morrison's first girlfriends Tandy Martin and Mary Werblow as well as Alain Ronay, his UCLA college roommate who visited the rocker in Paris shortly before his death.

Morrison died at the age of 27 in a Paris apartment, but this doc focuses exclusively on the future Lizard King's early childhood through his college years.

In presenting the Kickstarter campaign, the filmmakers write:

"For over three decades, myriad articles, books, biopics, and documentaries have promised to render the 'real' Jim Morrison, but they've generally amounted to hyperbolic, gossipy rock-star depictions of Morrison's tenure with The Doors. Few have delved into Morrison's formative years. And none have fully fleshed out Morrison, the human being, and who he actually was as a person. aim to present 'a fully fleshed out Morrison, the human being, who he actually was as a person,' as opposed to what they claim other documentaries have yet to do."

View the trailer for the documentary below: