Mark Fisher, Set Designer for Stones, U2, Devo, AC/DC and More, Dead at 66

On June 25th, Mark Fisher, one of the most highly-regarded set designers in the concert business and who worked with artists like the Rolling Stones, Lady Gaga, and Elton John, passed away at age 66 after a long, undisclosed illness, according to the official website for his company, Stufish. He is survived by his wife, Cristina, who was by his side when he died.

Besides working on every Stones, Pink Floyd,and U2 tour for the past two decades – including The Wall and U2's record-setting 360 Tour – Fisher designed sets for theatrical productions like We Will Rock You Cirque du Soleil's Viva Elvis. He was also senior designer for the Beijing Olympics' opening and closing ceremonies in 2008 and was one of three executive producers for the London 2012 ceremonies. 

"Mark’s work as a set designer and artistic director has transformed the landscape of rock concerts and large scale events over the last 25 years," said the statement. "His work influenced not only the colleagues and crews with whom he worked but also surprised and delighted the many millions of people who experienced his designs all over the world."

Below is a video of Mark Fisher talking about the "cladding of the claw," one of the signature set pieces for U2's 360 Tour.