Artist: Atoms for Peace

Venue: Le Poisson Rouge, New York

Date: March 14

While on sabbatical from Radiohead, Thom Yorke and his supergroup Atoms for Peace made its U.S. debut at Le Poisson Rouge, running through a continuum of electro-splotched cuts from its full-length debut, "Amok."  Poised side by side, Yorke and famed producer Nigel Godrich commanded the sold-out crowd, sardined inside the intimate basement venue. Billed as a DJ set, the set was a bloopy algorithm of prerecorded tracks topped with live instrumentation. A greasy-haired Yorke crooned along with them, manipulating live samples and dancing around the tiny stage as Godrich held court behind his computer. The duo, backed by moving visuals designed by Dutch artist Tarik Barri, ran through a dozen songs from "Amok" and Yorke's 2006 solo project, "The Eraser," extending and morphing tracks into grooved-out compositions. The hour-plus set concluded with the popping "Default," though the audience remained as the duo segued into a traditional DJ set--the reward for a challenging, cerebral performance.