"Power of a Love Song" (3:11)

Producer: Blake Chancey

Writers: Jeremy Bussey, Bradley Gaskin, Marcus Franklin Johnson

Publishers: various

Syco Music/RCA Nashville

After winning over "X Factor" viewers, Stevens is taking his first stab at the mainstream country market with ballad "Power of a Love Song," about, natch, the power of a love song. The strength behind Stevens' Garth Brooks-esque baritone is still intact, though the song lacks enough originality to establish his identity. Stevens possesses a palpable charm, but country fans need to see more of it. -JM



"Attracting Flies" (3:09)

Producer: George Reid

Writers: Aluna Francis, George Reid

Publisher: Universal Publishing

Island Records

The U.K. duo of Aluna Francis and George Reid has exhibited a knack for molding shards of cacophony into snappy song foundations, and with "Attracting Flies," their blend of unexpected audio elements sounds as crisp as ever. "Everything you exhale is attracting flies," Francis sings, delivering the line as the scorching putdown that it is. -JL


A Rocket to the Moon

"Ever Enough" (3:08)

Producer: Mark Bright

Writers: A Rocket to the Moon, Josh Jenkins

Publishers: A Rocket to the Moon Music/Hope This Finds You Well (ASCAP)

Fueled by Ramen

Sensitive Massachusetts rock troupe A Rocket to the Moon turns the lights down and tosses out a midtempo single that sounds ready to soundtrack the emotional climaxes of MTV's teen-centric reality shows. Country producer Mark Bright (Rascal Flatts, Carrie Underwood) adds a welcome earnestness, letting the guitar, strings and vocals soak in sentimental glory. -CP



"Paint a Smile" (3:25)

Producers: Sham, Motesart Productions

Writers: Edwin Serrano, Jordan Omley, Hasham Hussain, Denarius Motes

Publishers: various

Mosci Music

Latin teen sensation Villegas' new single pairs hand claps with clipped guitars and synth flares, giving off a folk-tronica vibe as the singer waxes philosophical about "painting a smile on" during personal struggles. The breakup track is engaging thanks to Villegas' triumphant performance, as she proudly sings on the hook, "Tears won't last forever/Life only gets better." -KI



"A Tattered Line of String" (2:57)

Producer: The Postal Service

Writers: Jimmy Tamborello, Ben Gibbard

Publisher: Dying Songs

Sub Pop

The Postal Service has been MIA for nearly a decade, but Ben Gibbard and Jimmy Tamborello waste no time on "A Tattered Line of String," which leaps headfirst into its shuffling drum arrangement and tale of fleeting ecstasy. Kudos to Rilo Kiley's Jenny Lewis, who reprises her role as Gibbard's vocal supplement on the airy bridge. -JL