"Reincarnated: The Movie"

DIRECTOR: Andy Capper

PRODUCTION/DISTRIBUTOR: Snoopadelic Films/Vice Films

PRODUCERS: Suroosh Alvi, Ted Chung, Snoop Dogg

FEATURING: Snoop Dogg, Bunny Wailer, Diplo, Cutty Corn

RUNNING TIME: 96 minutes

RELEASE DATES: March 15(theaters), April (DVD)

Sincerity permeates the chronicle of Snoop Dogg's adventure in Jamaica as he embraces Rastafarian culture and creates a reggae album that bears no resemblance to his rap work. "Reincarnated," artfully directed by Andy Capper, reveals the newly anointed Snoop Lion to be a thinking man's musician, and one who refuses to acquiesce to the expectations of his audience. The 2011 death of longtime collaborator Nate Dogg spurs Snoop to head to Jamaica and find a new path. He's treated like royalty upon arrival and manages to return home humbled, more aware of his desire to bring about unity in his various communities. His story unfolds against the creation of roots-oriented reggae that deals equally with consciousness-raising and party-starting. There is no skepticism in the film--the producers are Snoop and his camp--but it does reach beyond the "making of" documentary to give a deeper account of a life in music.