The formal announcement of Sylvia Rhone's new label Vested in Culture (VIC), a joint venture with Epic Records, was made Jan. 30. A week later, Rhone was in Los Angeles juggling Grammy Week activities with label meetings.

5:30 AM I'm on my West Coast routine but one thing never changes--I always travel with my dog, Chili. So, like clockwork, it's 5:30 a.m. and time to feed Chili and take her for a walk. Then it's back to the hotel to catch up on email, make my early East Coast calls and check out the latest news online--Zite, New York Times, Los Angeles Times, various blogs.

6:30 AM Conference call with Laurent Rossi, managing director of Jive/Epic France, and Lorenzo Braun, senior VP of international marketing for Sony Music U.S., to discuss release dates and marketing campaigns for Vested in Culture's new artist Kat Dahlia.

7:30 AM Body Boxing Bootcamp to get beat up by trainer Kevin Barringer.

9:00 AM Stopped by rehearsal with Kat Dahlia, who's preparing for live performances with the amazing Fatima Robinson and prepping for her album-packaging shoot.

10:30 AM Weekly Epic senior staff meeting by video conference.

1:00 PM Lunch at my desk while meeting with various writers, producers and managers before popping in for a quick meeting with [Epic chairman/CEO] L.A. Reid to listen to new music, followed by a meeting with [Sony Music Entertainment chairman/CEO] Doug Morris to introduce him to Kat Dahlia.

4:00 PM Out to the studio to meet with Raphael Saadiq and [manager] Damian Smith about an amazing young band they're developing. Then on to Henson Studios to listen to new vocals produced by Kuk [Harrell] on VIC artist Coco from Quadron. What a voice.

8:00 PM Dinner meeting with friends. Then I make my rounds at studios for meetings with Casey Veggies, Doc McKinney and Oak. -Gail Mitchell