Emilio EstefanChairman, Estefan Enterprises

As chairman of Estefan Enterprises, Emilio Estefan employs more than 4,000 people among his many ventures, including five Bongos Cuban Cafes, Larios on the Beach restaurant, hotels and his Crescent Moon Studios. Add an upcoming Broadway show based on his life, a production deal with 20th Century Television, his seat on the National Museum of the Americano Latino board and his ownership stake in the NFL's Miami Dolphins.

5:30 AM Get up and have breakfast with my daughter. Then go for a run down Ocean Drive, or ride my bike, and have my Cuban coffee at Larios. Mornings are my time. I see [my wife] Gloria, have lunch with my son and grandson, who live next door.

11:00 AM Meeting with Bongos staff in my Miami Beach office.

1:00 PM I usually don't schedule morning meetings, but several Broadway writers are flying in to discuss the concept of the show.

2:00 PM Arrive at Crescent Moon. I spend much more time in the studio than the office. I spent the afternoon mixing Gloria's new album and writing a couple of songs for a new Russian singer. I also worked on the budget for a new Paul Anka production and am putting the finishing touches on El Cata's new album.

5:00 PM Squeeze in press interviews on the Broadway deal.

9:00 PM Take the entire studio staff out to dinner. We've been going to the same restaurants close to the studio for the past 25 years: Tropical Chinese, Delicias de Espana, Cafe Abracci.

10:30 PM Traffic into the studio slows down, so we can get creative. When the [NBA's Miami] Heat is playing, I go to most of their games. I wrote their new song, "Celebrate," and I play with a group of percussionists during commercial breaks. People go crazy.

12:00 PM Get home.