After releasing three albums in four years, beginning with 1999's "Let There Be Eve . . . Ruff Ryders' First Lady," Eve hasn't issued a full-length in a staggering 11 years. That drought finally ends with "Lip Lock," due this May, and first single "She Bad Bad" showcases some pent-up aggression, as the rapper has idly watched a new generation of MCs find stardom. "Now I'm back/Forget about them other chicks/Man, you won't miss 'em," Eve snarls as Jukebox's complex pattern of claps buoys the unrelenting rhymes. "She Bad Bad" is a chest-thumping cry from a veteran attempting to snatch back her deposed throne, and while Eve's venomous flow is impressively nimble, the single simply requires a stronger hook. Jukebox's intricate production makes some bold twists and turns, but Eve's official comeback deserves a punishing refrain to match the attitude of the verses.