1. Afrojack, TBD, Summer

Late last year Afrojack was hinting at a double album, but now he's fairly certain that his debut will go long. "I've finished a lot of actual songs that are radio dance music," says the DJ/producer, born Nick van de Wall. "It's lots of fun. It connects to a lot of people. So I'm going to do one CD with songs and one with pure club tracks--like radio Afrojack and club Afrojack." Slated for summer, the collection may well feature collaborations with will.i.am, Havana Brown or Shakira--just a few of the artists with whom Afrojack has recently spent studio time. But count on this: The debut from the producer who perfectly melded Dutch house and Latin groove in Pitbull's No. 1 smash "Give Me Everything" has irrefutable hit potential.

2. Daft Punk, TBD

Unlike most other dance acts that first broke through more than a decade ago, Daft Punk has cred with the EDM kids, because their current young heroes--like Zedd and Porter Robinson--had their first electronic experiences to seminal Daft albums like "Homework" and "Discovery." So news of a potential new album, the masked French duo's first since 2005 (not counting the "Tron" soundtrack), is sparking interest among fans old and new. Whispers of a return to Coachella (the duo's 2007 set was one of EDM's first big mainstream looks) and collaborations with disco legend Nile Rodgers, who tweets about the new material like it's his job, are only adding fuel to the fire.

3. Chuckie, TBD (Big Beat/Atlantic), Fall

"I don't really think about America more [than other markets]," Dutch DJ/producer Chuckie says. "The whole reason people liked our music was because it was different from what they were used to." Still, Chuckie, born Clyde Narain, is hip-hop enough to spin at NBA parties and house enough to headline Identity, Live Nation's traveling rave. It's a cocktail that works well in the exploding U.S. EDM scene. For his debut studio set, he's "not thinking like an album," he says. "I took the liberty and freedom to do whatever." That ranges from the catchy electro-trance of vocal single "Skydive" to a collaboration with Lupe Fiasco to "more underground club records," he says. "Some people like to stick to a certain style, but if you're diverse, you should show the world you are."

4. Paul Oakenfold, "Pop Killer" (Columbia), Summer

Paul Oakenfold, the U.K. DJ/producer who helped start this whole rave thing in the '80s, is back with a new album. But don't count the old guy out: Oakie started his career as a hip-hop A&R man, found fame as a trance DJ, had a hit (and Diet Coke synch) with "Starry Eyed Surprise" in 2002 and kickstarted the Las Vegas residency craze in 2008. So if he wants to reinvent himself again, he may very well succeed. "It's my third artist album, very much in the same vein as the last two, which is uplifting melodic tracks, great songs and great singers," he says. "What's changed with this from the last two is house music is now pop music in America, so it will be conceived as more commercial."

5. Steve Angello, "Wild Youth" (Size), TBD

The fist-pumping-est third of Swedish House Mafia will strike out solo after the group's farewell in March, to complete an album he says he's been working on for five years. Angello will add his adrenalized electro beats to what he's called "really amazing vocal performances" from "great artists." "I'm trying to look at it like a band would look at it," he says. "An album isn't 10 bangers or singles-an album for me is a journey, it's you telling a story. So there's going to be a lot of tracks on there fans would never expect, but it's still 'me' sounding."

6. Krewella, TBD (Columbia), Summer

After a No. 1 on Billboard's Dance Radio Airplay last fall with "Alive," this female-fronted dubstep/pop three-piece will take a harder run at crossover, with a major behind it.

7. Disclosure, TBD

U.K. house revivalist rides the momentum of breakthrough single "Latch" (more than 6 million YouTube views) and a big Jessie Ware remix ("Running") with the act's first proper album.

8. Nero, TBD (Interscope), July

British dubstep band has tunes big enough to rock arenas. Will its sophomore album finally break through?

9. SCNTST, TBD (Boyznoize), TBD

Debut LP from a 19-year-old German who makes techno with depth and funk beyond his years.

10. Avicii, TBD (At Night), TBD

Believe it or not, this will be the debut album from the young Swede, who achieved omnipresence last year with festival-turned-wedding track "Le7els."