How did you link up with Macklemore and Ryan Lewis for "Thrift Shop"?

Street Level Records founder D-Sane called me in July and asked if I'd heard of Macklemore. He was looking for a guy that sounds like Nate Dogg, and for a decade, I've been known as the Nate Dogg of the North End in Seattle. Forty-five minutes later, I'm at the studio. Macklemore showed me the hook, I went in, and I'm in bed an hour later.

Did you expect the song to take off like it did?

No. I didn't know who Macklemore really was. It was after the first video shoot when I downloaded "The Language of My World" and heard "White Privilege" that I connected with him. I didn't know he had done all this work.

What's next?

My game plan is to first and foremost get myself branded so that I have something. I have a six-song EP I'm working on. At 51 years old, what are the odds that this will ever happen again? Pretty slim.