Jail term is first issued under anti-camcording law.

A California judge has issued the first jail sentence under California's anti-camcording law.

Ruben Centeno Moreno, who was arrested April 12 after he was allegedly seen filming "The Alamo" at the Pacific Winnetka Theatre in Los Angeles, was placed on 36 months of summary probation and ordered to serve 42 days in Los Angeles county jail.

Moreno was also ordered to stay away from the Pacific Winnetka Theatre and to forfeit his camcording equipment.

The judgment was issued last week in the North Valley Court in Chatsworth, Calif.

In a statement, Jack Valenti, president/CEO of the Motion Picture Association of America, says: "It is my hope that this sentence will send a clear signal to others that such crimes will not be tolerated."

California's anti-camcording law was enacted Jan. 1. The maximum punishment is a one-year jail sentence and $2,500 fine.