Labels become Atlantic, Warner Bros. Records.

East West Records and WEA London Records, Warner Music International's (WMI) two stand-alone labels in the United Kingdom, have been renamed. Effective immediately, they become Atlantic Records U.K. and Warner Bros. Records U.K., respectively.

WMI chairman/CEO Paul-Rene Albertini says the change reflects the company's "primary objective ... to renew focus on artists and music. Which better names would you dream of calling a record company than Warner Bros. and Atlantic?"

East West managing director Korda Marshall will occupy the same position at Atlantic Records U.K. Warner Music U.K. chairman/CEO Nick Phillips will oversee Warner Bros. Records U.K. for an interim period until a new MD is found; former WEA London MD John Reid was promoted last month to a global marketing position at WMI.

Atlantic U.K. acts include the Darkness, Muse, Morcheeba, Bebel Gilberto, Blazin' Squad and David Gray. Warner Bros. U.K. has the Streets, A, Siobhan Donaghy and Aqualung.

Phillips comments, "Warner Music U.K. is excited to build on the heritage of two of the strongest record labels in the U.S., in WMI's most important market. Warner Bros. Records is one of the largest record companies in the U.S. and has become the most successful record label in history, while Atlantic Records has a rich heritage which is second to none."

Warner Music U.K. split its operations with the creation of the two stand-alone labels in 1990, under then chairman Rob Dickins. The first MDs of East West and WEA were Max Hole and Moira Bellas, respectively.

Other countries in Europe -- Germany, France, Spain and Italy -- operate with a dual East West/WEA label structure. It is understood that name changes in those countries are under consideration.