Results also tie piracy with decreased DVD buying.

OTX, an online research company, and the Motion Picture Assoc. of America (MPAA) announced today (July 8) the results of a study of more than 3,600 Internet users that tracked the relationship between downloading, movie attendance and DVD purchasing behaviors.

The study -- which tracked Internet users in Australia, France, Germany, Italy, Korea, Japan and the United Kingdom -- revealed that half of the downloading population had made their first feature film download within the past year, and that 26% of downloaders are buying DVDs less frequently. A total of 17% of downloaders say they attend movies less often than they have in the past.

A total of 38% of current downloaders believe it is acceptable to download films before they are released theatrically, and almost half (48%) thought it acceptable to download movies before they're released on DVD.

A large percentage (69%) of the respondents do not believe that downloading movies is a major concern in today's society. One of the top reasons that people are downloading movies, according to the study, is the notion that downloading is free.