Reciprocal deal allows for 'one-stop' streaming license.

SoundExchange, the U.S. digital performance rights society, has signed the IFPI's international Webcasting agreement. The agreement allows Webcasters and simulcasters to stream music internationally based on a single "one-stop" license, rather than having to secure licenses from sources in individual territories.

The reciprocal deal ensures that copyright owners receive payment when their recordings are transmitted via the Internet outside their own country. In addition to SoundExchange, societies from Europe, Asia and North and South America are participating in the program.

The agreement does not cover download licenses, which must be secured directly from copyright owners.

“This agreement recognizes that Webcasting is an international medium that requires the cooperation of all licensing bodies in order to ensure that copyright owners and artists are compensated,” SoundExchange executive director John L. Simson says in a statement.

SoundExchange representatives signed the agreement today (Oct. 14) during the IFPI's Performance Rights Committee meeting in Warsaw, Poland.