Interscope details confirmed.

A U.S. release date of March 22 has been confirmed for M.I.A.'s debut album "Arular." Additionally, details have emerged on the artist's relationship with Interscope, reported here earlier this week.

"Arular" will come out in the U.S. on New York-based XL Recordings but will be distributed via Fontana, the new independent distribution arm of Universal Music Video & Distribution. Sources say Interscope will be involved in the album on a licensing basis. M.I.A. will remain signed to XL, which is part of Beggars Group.

"Arular" was originally to be distributed in the U.S. by Warner Music Group's Alternative Distribution Alliance, which normally handles Beggars releases. Future M.I.A. releases will be more directly associated with Interscope.

"Arular" will still be issued in the U.K. on April 25 via XL. The U.K. version will contain an extra track, "URAQT," which features a Quincy Jones sample that was not cleared in time for inclusion on the U.S. release.