Muzikplugger distributes to TV networks.

Roadrunner Records is the first international record company to sign up with Muzikplugger, a new U.K.-based service provider that specializes in distributing music videos digitally to TV broadcasters.

During a three-month trial starting in April, Muzikplugger will offer broadcast-quality music videos to U.K. TV networks participating in the tests.

The videos tested in the U.K. will be from five Roadrunner rock acts, including Kill Switch Engage and Open Hand.

Owned and operated by French company Akamedia, Muzikplugger has agreements with 60% of the worldÕs broadcasters. Its chairman is Keith Harris, former chair of the International Music Managers Forum and current chairman of industry think-tank Musictank.

Muzikplugger says it aims to leave labels and other copyright holders and organizations free to focus on their core business instead of worrying about packaging their videos for TV transmission.

Special software enables Muzikplugger to keep track of videos broadcast on air for copyright owners. It also features a digital rights management system to prevent copyright infringement and piracy during transmission.

After the U.K., a trial will launch in Australia.