Dance music firm seeks 'new global audience.'

British dance music specialist Ministry of Sound has forged a deal that enables RealNetworks to carry the MoS Radio service.

Mos launched its 24-hour service in 2000 from and claims more than 1 million listeners per month. RealNetworks, which has more than 80 online stations, claims 700,000 subscribers worldwide for its online music services, which include RadioPass and Rhapsody.

MoS head of Internet Stuart Lewis-Smith says the pact will allow his company's music "to reach a new global audience," adding, "We are looking forward to working with RealNetworks on this and future projects."

MoS, which opened in 1991, has operations that include labels, club tours, mechandising and its flagship dance club in the Elephant and Castle district of south London. Annual revenue is estimated at £100 million ($184 million).