Adelstein focuses on payola, product placement.

FCC commissioner Jonathan Adelstein will call for “further action” by the commission on payola and the acceptance of undisclosed promotions during a speech he plans to give tomorrow (May 25) at the D.C.-based Media Institute.

The commissioner said in a news advisory that he will discuss “growing concerns about the need for improved disclosure of product placements.”

Adelstein's planned speech follows earlier calls the Democratic commissioner has made for tighter regulations in the areas of payola, product placement and “fake news." Speaking as a guest on the syndicated Ed Schultz radio show on March 21, Adelstein said: “We have, now, 40,000 complaints [concerning undisclosed payments for news-like broadcasts]. My email box is filling up with complaints about this and I think it’s incumbent on us now to investigate.”

Adelstein’s speech is part of regularly scheduled Communications Forum luncheons sponsored by the Media Institute. His speech is titled “Fresh is Not as Fresh as Frozen: A Response to the Commercialization of American Media.”