Chuck Morris will focus on Colorado, Utah, Wyoming.

Promoter Bill Graham Presents has become two promotion firms -- Bill Graham Presents and Chuck Morris Presents -- within the Clear Channel Music Group.

Chuck Morris originally founded CMP in Denver in 1998 as a partnership with BGP, which was founded by Bill Graham in San Francisco in 1966. CMP/BGP was purchased by SFX in 2000 and then by Clear Channel Entertainment in 2001.

When CCE resurrected 11 regional promoter names including BGP, Pace Concerts and Cellar Door last fall, CMP existed as a partner of BGP.

Now, CMP is its own separate entity under CCMG, which currently oversees a total of 14 North American promoters. Each promotion company reports to CCMG president/CEO Michael Rapino.

Morris will act as president of the newly-separated CMP, and former CMP VP Brent Fedrizzi has been promoted to COO.

CMP will focus on promoting events in Colorado, Utah and Wyoming. BGP will handle concerts in Northern California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Montana.

"Now, both CMP and BGP can concentrate on expanding and improving operations in their geographic areas of expertise," said CCMG's Rapino in a statement.

Morris said in a statement, "We enjoyed working alongside Bill Graham Presents for the past seven years, but now the buck stops here in Denver, which is a challenge we embrace."