Backstreet Boys and Foo Fighters make top 5 debuts.

Coldplay’s "X&Y" (Parlophone) withstands strong challenges from new releases by the Backstreet Boys and Foo Fighters to start a second week atop European Top 100 Albums.

The Coldplay set maintains its No.1 rankings in the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Holland, Sweden, Austria, Ireland, Finland and Belgium and climbs 2-1 in Portugal and Switzerland.

Its U.K. sales were 238,000, a vast sum there for an album's second sales week, for a two-week British total of 703,000. "X&Y" falls from top place in Germany, Denmark and Norway.

The Backstreet Boys' "Never Gone" (Jive) enters the aggregate chart in runner-up spot, with a collection of prominent debuts including No.1 in Germany, No.2 in Spain, No.3 in Holland and Switzerland, No.4 in Italy and Austria and No.5 in Finland. Lead track "Incomplete" is down 6-7 on Eurochart Hot 100 Singles.

Foo Fighters' "In Your Honor" (RCA) bows at a composite No.3, thanks to No.2 starts in the United Kingdom, Ireland and Norway, No.4 in Germany and No.5 in Austria. It's up 27-2 in Finland and 15-4 in Flanders. The album sells 159,000 in Britain, where No.2 is the band's second-best album opening, although it doesn’t match the No.1 entry of its predecessor, "One By One," in 2002.

Shakira's "Fijacion Oral Vol.1" (Epic) consolidates last week’s No.6 debut on Top 100 Albums with a climb to No.4, after debuting at No.3 in Greece and No.4 in Finland, holding at No.1 in Spain and No.3 in Austria, climbing 10-8 in Portugal. The album falls 2-3 in Germany and 3-4 in Switzerland.

Lead single "La Tortura" featuring Alejandro Sanz is up 8-6 on the Eurochart; it improves 4-3 in Hungary and 8-5 in Germany. The European progress of both the Shakira and Backstreet Boys sets will be further enhanced when both albums are released in the United Kingdom on Monday (27).

English singer-songwriter James Blunt has multiple reasons to celebrate on the pan-European charts. His album "Back To Bedlam" holds at No.13 on Top 100 Albums after climbing 4-3 in its 11th chart week in the United Kingdom, where current single "You’re Beautiful" has completed the highly unusual achievement of climbing the chart two weeks in a row, 12-6-3. That fuels a 25-8 climb on the Eurochart.

The novelty hit "Axel F" (Gusto/Mach 1) by Crazy Frog, based on the melody of German instrumentalist Harold Faltermeyer's 1985 hit of the same name, is the new No.1 on the Eurochart.

At the forefront of the "frog ringtone" craze, the single climbs 2-1 overall after spending a fourth week at No.1 in the United Kingdom, where sales total 394,000, and staying at No.1 in Ireland and Flanders and No.2 in France. The single is now breaking out across Europe, rising 4-2 in Switzerland, 9-3 in Germany, 9-4 in Austria and debuting at No.4 in Finland.