Thousands of pirate DVDs auctioned on Web site.

The British Phonographic Industry is calling on eBay to tighten up its anti-piracy measures after thousands of pirated DVDs of Live 8 were discovered on sale at the auction Web site just hours after the July 2 event concluded.

"We would like to see online auction sites introduce far more effective methods to prevent the illegal sale of fakes," says BPI anti-piracy director David Martin. "Auction sites must move to expel music pirates permanently, and with immediate effect."

EMI holds the worldwide DVD rights to the Live 8 concerts. The British music major is understood to have contributed a multi-million dollar advance which helped offset the production costs of staging the various concerts on Saturday.

The auction site said it had begun removing the listings. "The unauthorized copies of Live 8 DVDs we have been told about have been taken down, because the sale of fake items is not permitted on," eBay said in a statement.

Online auction sites have emerged as a key factor driving the black market for music product, according to the BPI. The trade body identified and removed 14,318 illegal auctions in 2004, up from 5,649 in the previous year. In the first six months of 2005, the BPI has already taken down 13,280 illegal online auctions.

A joint BPI/IFPI operation in March 2004 led to the arrest of a counterfeiter who had been selling illicit Live Aid DVDs.