53% of U.S. citizens own CD player.

A survey by IDC Audio has found that despite interest in emerging digital audio technologies U.S. consumers still rely on CDs and FM radio as their primary sources of new music.

The company's study, 2004 Consumer Markets: Audio Survey: U.S. Consumers Get Into The Swing Of Digital Audio Technologies, finds that while 53% of U.S. citizens own a CD player, only 6% have a digital music player. And when it comes to the fast growing satellite radio sector, 6% indicated they were subscribers to either XM or Sirius and 12% said they would consider purchasing a satellite receiver in the coming year. Only 4% had ever used a pay-per-download music service. Conversely, 70% of the households surveyed said they spent money on recorded music every month.

"U.S. consumers can now choose from among an unprecedented number of music formats and devices," senior analyst, Consumer Markets Susan Kevorkian says. "Our survey shows that incumbent techonologies, such as CD and FM radio, are still favored, while ownership of, awareness of, and intention to purchase MP3 players, satellite radio, music via legitimate online music services, among other devices and technologies, is on the rise."