First campaign begins in Puerto Rico before summer's end.

Reggaeton star Daddy Yankee has signed an endorsement deal with PepsiCo International in Puerto Rico. Daddy Yankee, who received a cash incentive as part of the deal, will now be part of PepsiCo's roster of Puerto Rican artists who appear in local campaigns for the soft drink company.

Javier Figueroa, marketing director for Pepsi Internacional in Puerto Rico, said Daddy Yankee may also participate in campaigns in other markets as well. Details were not immediately available.

The first campaign featuring Daddy Yankee is a TV commercial that was shot this week in Colombia. The ad is set to begin airing in Puerto Rico before the end of the summer. It will feature a Daddy Yankee track which is yet to be determined. Figueroa says future campaigns will go beyond TV into print and other media.