Successful campaign fuels demand for release.

In an ad agency first, BBDO Detroit is partnering with New York music production house Joel Simon Music (JSM) to produce and release the mash-up "Unleashed" -- and an accompanying video.

The track is featured in the current ad campaign for the Dodge Charger. The rock/hip-hop track intertwines a newly recorded version of Nazareth's "Hair of the Dog" (by the band) and rapper Chris Classic's unreleased "Live and Loose."

Dodge, Daimler Chrysler and JSM shared in the financial costs and creative elements of this endeavor.

JSM Records will include "Unleashed" on Classic's debut album, due in October. The track is currently available for digital download at iTunes and MusicMatch. Beginning Sept. 5, as part of a media buy, the song will be heavily promoted on Yahoo.

The Dodge Charger TV ad campaign has been airing since early May. In the months since, JSM has received more than 20,000 emails and phone calls from consumers inquiring about the music in the ad. Which prompted this alternative method of selling music.