Hundreds of CD-Rs confiscated in market raid.

Quebec's music industry arm ADISQ is stepping up its fight against music piracy in the Canadian province. On behalf of 10 Quebec-based labels, ADISQ -- accompanied by a bailiff and lawyers - on Aug. 6 seized "several hundred" alleged illegal CD-Rs from vendors at a flea market in St-Eustache, Quebec.

ADISQ is seeking damages of C$100,000 ($82,500) from three as-yet unidentified sellers.

On Aug. 2, ADISQ had been granted a court order by the Quebec Superior Court, valid for 10 days, which allowed the body to seize copies of allegedly illegal CDs at local flea markets. ADISQ is now expected to ask the Quebec Superior Court for a further order allowing it to seize illegal merchandise at some 350 flea markets in Quebec throughout the year.

Yves François Blanchet, president of ADISQ, indicates that such actions are aimed at discouraging sellers, and dismantling their distribution network. "We're sending a clear message that copying and selling CDs is illegal. As the association responsible for protecting Quebec music, we cannot turn a blind eye to a practice that has such a detrimental effect on music, from the creator to the retailer."