Event takes place Sept. 18 in Fitchburg, Mass.

The lineup for the 14th Locobazooka! United We Rock! Music and Arts Festival taking place September 18 in Fitchburg, Mass., boasts more than 50 bands including Disturbed, Dropkick Murphys, Life of Agony, Ill Nino, Seemless, 10 Years, Danko Jones, Clutch, Dope, Bloodsimple, American Minor, Lost City Angels, Darkbuster, Bury Your Dead, Since The Flood, Darkest Hour, God Forbid, Hexerei, Leaving Eden, and A Breed Apart.

The festival is produced by Worldwide New England, LLC and presented by Boston rock radio station WAAF. Last March, promoter Jack Utsick and Worldwide Entertainment Inc. entered into a partnership with Locobazooka founders 3-D Entertainment to expand the Locobazooka! brand to a two-day event this year and a tour in 2006 (Billboard.biz, March 29).

Utsick formed Worldwide New England with 3-D principles John Carnegie and Dan Hartwell. The new firm produces not only Locobazooka but other projects, including one-off concerts and festivals.

Tickets to Locobazooka festivities at the Fitchburg Airport event are $39.95.