Different shows set to begin Oct.5.

Bilingual cable network mun2 is getting a complete overhaul October 5 with the launch of completely new and different programming.

Mun2's new shows will include a wide variety of music shows covering various genres, comedy animation and wrestling show "WWE Raw." The latter was added to the lineup because of its popularity among young Latinos. The show will air twice a week as an encore to its regular showing on the USA network.

New shows created specifically for mun2 include daily variety and entertainment show "Daily Shift," which kicks off Oct. 17 and "2RSLVJ" (You are the VJ), were artists will become VJs for a night. The network will also air several video shows covering all genres and styles of music.

Mun2, which is part of NBC Universal Cable Networks, was launched four years ago to target the younger, bilingual viewer. In the past year, under the supervision of Antoinette Zel (formerly with MTV Latin America), the network has been changing its image in preparation for its new programming launch.