Independent representative body launched in July.

PMI (Produttori Musicali Indipendenti), the new representative body for Italy's indie labels, has engaged a dialogue with Italian collecting society SIAE with the view to be fully recognized by the rights body.

During a meeting held Oct. 5 at SIAE's headquarters in Rome the two organizations discussed the state of the current music market and the fight against piracy.

The meeting was attended by SIAE director general Angelo Della Valle and PMI president Mario Limongelli.

Limongelli, who is also president of the Nar International label, was a vice-president of Italian industry body FIMI, prior to leading an exodus of indie members from FIMI in July.

Mario Limongelli tells "We presented ourselves to SIAE and asked to be given the same recognition as other associations in Italy and this request was greeted positively."

PMI is the Italian music industry's fourth representative body, after FIMI, AFI (from which FIMI originally broke away) and Audiocoop, a body representing the smaller "cottage industry" indies.