New album due in Europe on Oct. 24.

Speaking at a rare press conference in Berlin, Germany today (Oct. 7) for the Oct. 24 release of his new album, "Intensive Care" (EMI/Chrysalis) in Europe, Robbie Williams said that failing to break into the world's biggest music market could be attributed to his absence of commitment and focus.

"It's not important for me, it never has been," Williams said of the United States. "Everyone is always going on about how 'Robbie Williams hasn't broken the States.' You know, Robbie Williams really hasn't tried to break the States. Robbie Williams hasn't been that bothered or else I would have put the hard work can't break into the States with two months in 10 years, and I don't want to, so shove it."

Williams also commented on his recent groundbreaking deal with T-Mobile, who will act as Williams' lead sponsor and brand for all of his activities for the next 18 months. The partnership will give T-Mobile's customers access to exclusive Williams content including full-track downloads, streamed live concerts, ringtones, realtones, cell phone wallpapers and logos.

"There's a real musical revolution happening and mobile music is the way forward," said Williams. "And my management has positioned me to be at the forefront of technology."

Williams will preview "Intensive Care" at the Velodrom Berlin on Oct. 9. The show will be broadcast live to 21 cinemas and special venues throughout Europe, reaching about 30,000 consumers. T-Mobile customers can watch an exclusive live stream of the concert.

"I've spent a lot more care making sure this album is correct," said Williams. I've 'intensively cared' for it."