Phone operator unveils multiplatform campaign.

From Oct. 17, French consumers will be able to download Madonna’s new single “Hung Up” (Warner Bros.) on their phones before its physical release.

This world premiere initiative is part of a partnership between Warner Music International, French telephone operator France Telecom and its mobile service Orange.

The offering is part of an exclusive national multi-platform marketing campaign. It supports the artist's new album “Confessions on the Dancefloor,” which is released internationally on Nov. 14 (Nov. 15 in the U.S.).

As part of the plan, France Telecom is to distribute the full-track download of Madonna's new single “Hung Up” to its mobile-phone customers on the Orange carrier in France on Oct. 17.

The downloads sales follows the availability of streamed versions of “Hung Up” on Oct. 10, as part of a monthly subscription service.

The track was offered through FT’s Orange World mobile portal and Wanadoo, FT's Internet service provider and Web portal. For the occasion Madonna has recorded a special 90-second version of “Hung Up.”

Additionally, it comes after ringtones and ringbacktones versions of “Hung Up” went on sale to both FT's fixed-line and mobile customers on Sept. 19.

The full-track downloads, € 2.00 ($ 2.4) each, and streamed offerings will be followed by streamed videoclips of “Hung Up” on Oct. 26, plus six other tracks from the album from Nov. 7 to 12.

The initiative continues the strategic partnership between FT, its mobile subsidiary Orange and Warner Music International (WMI) announced last May.

"This is a premiere for the music industry, and also for the telecom industry," said Paul-Rene Albertini, WMI's chairman and CEO.

Orange France CEO Didier Quillot, added: "We are not competitors of the music industry, but a wonderful marketing tool."