Legal chief succeeds Taylor.

The British Phonographic Industry has elevated Roz Groome to helm its legal department as general counsel, with effect from Nov. 1.

A trained solicitor, Groome steps up into the role vacated by Geoff Taylor, who returns to the IFPI after a 16-month stint with the London-based labels trade body.

Groome's experience is "second to none," says BPI chairman Peter Jamieson, to whom she reports. In a statement, Jamieson adds Groome "has proven herself to be a staunch defender of the recording industry's rights in a string of high-profile cases over the past three years."

A graduate of both Oxford and Cambridge, Groome has been instrumental in a string of successful legal cases for the BPI, including actions involving CD Wow and EasyInternetCafe, and has been a key player in the trade body's campaign against illegal filesharing.

Since 2000, Groome has been company secretary and legal adviser to the BPI and its associate companies Brit Awards Ltd, the Brit Trust, the Official U.K. Charts Ltd and Music Industry Trusts Ltd. She also holds the post as vice chair of the Alliance against IP Theft.