British, Mexican consumers file suit.

British and Mexican consumers filed a class-action lawsuit against Apple Computer on Friday (Nov. 4), complaining about the iPod Nano design.

The suit, filed in federal District Court for the Northern District of California, is being handled by the same class-action lawyer representing U.S. consumers in a similar case filed Oct. 19 in the same court. In both suits the consumers claim that Apple is ignoring complaints about defective screens that scratch easily.

"Apple's iPod Nano has sold in record numbers around the world, just as it did in the U.S.," Steve Berman with Hagens Berman Sobol Shapiro in Seattle said in a statement. "It seems that wherever the Nano is sold, problems with the defective design soon follow."

Ben Jennings, the U.K. plaintiff named in the suit, claims he purchased a Nano in September and was extremely cautious with the screen. Within a week the screen was scratched so badly that it became hard to read.

The suit seeks return of the Nano purchase price and a portion of Apple's profits from the sales. Apple could not be reached for comment.