Warner eyeing deals with other smaller labels.

Warner Music Mexico has struck a licensing deal with indie label Movic Records. The two-year deal is one of several that Warner Mexico has closed or is near closing with several smaller labels. The Movic deal calls for Warner to take over sales and distribution and support Movic in marketing and promotional efforts. Movic will continue to have jurisdiction over all A&R.

Movic is the home of up and coming rock band Panda, which earlier this fall made it to No. 8 on Mexico’s album sales chart with “Para Tí Con Desprecio.” The album has spent over 20 weeks on the chart.

Although Movic is known as a rock label, “it isn’t limited to that,”
says Sergio Affonso Fernandes, president of Warner Music Mexico. “They are completely at liberty, and nothing stops them from signing something more pop or urban.”

Movic, based out of Monterrey, Mexico, is headed by Francisco “Kiko” Lobo.