Would grade level of decent, indecent material.

Senator Ted Stevens, R., Alaska, wants to develop a "total ratings system" that would grade the level of decent or indecent material in video or audio content delivered through virtually every media platform.

To emphasize his point, Stevens said he plans to schedule a Dec. 12 forum that would invite back most, if not all, of the participants from Tuesday's forum to see how much progress has been made in devising "an industry based ratings system that would be simple and easy to use."

Stevens said there would be "plenty of time" to hold another extended forum on that December Monday because there are no votes scheduled until late that afternoon. A second decency forum, he said "would give us plenty of time to further the concept [of] a total ratings system for the communications system."

Stevens felt current legislation hits "a very small portion of the communications system" and reiterated that his objective is "to rate all programming and to get an efficient way" for families and consumers to determine what programming they do and don’t want to see or hear. Stevens specifically invited the "family associations" to provide their own feedback "on the ratings systems as they develop."

"We’re in a period of change," Stevens continued, "between now and 2009," and suggested that his proposal for a comprehensive ratings system would become a fact of life "whether it’s a mandate, or an approval of a process."