Carrier charging $2.58 per full-song download.

Bell Canada has introduced a full-song download mobile music store, becoming the second Canadian operator to do so this year.

Groove Mobile, the same provider behind the recently launched Sprint mobile music store introduced in the U.S. this November, powers the Bell Canada service.
Like the Sprint service, Bell Canada subscribers can download songs to both their mobile phone and their PC. The carrier is charging $2.58 per track.

Unlike the Sprint service, however, Bell Canada users can send other Bell Canada subscribers 30-second clips of their favorite songs as recommendations. Additionally, the Canadian service lets users make up to seven copies of a song and export them to a mobile phone or device, as well as up to three unique computers.

The Canadian launch follows the introduction of a similar service by Rogers Wireless last May, powered by Groove Mobile rival Melodeo. Rogers charges between $1.25 and $2 per song.