U2 is both the No. 1 most requested event and concert.

Ticketmaster reports that U2 topped its most requested events and most requested concerts year-end rankings.

After U2, the most requested concerts of 2005 were the Rolling Stones (No. 2), Paul McCartney (No. 3), the Dave Matthews Band (No. 4), Coldplay (No. 5), Bon Jovi (No. 6), Kenny Chesney (No. 7), the Eagles (No. 8), Elton John (No. 9) and Nine Inch Nails (No. 10).

The ticket company’s other top requested events were the New England Patriots (No. 2), the Rolling Stones (No. 3), Paul McCartney (No. 4), the Dave Matthews Band (No. 5), Coldplay (No. 6), the New York Yankees (No. 7), Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus (No. 8), Bon Jovi (No. 9) and Kenny Chesney (No. 10).

Ticketmaster’s rankings are based on online page views, information requests and ticket sales.