Kimmel joined Carolla for most of maiden show.

Former Van Halen frontman David Lee Roth made his fulltime radio debut Tuesday morning on CBS-owned WFNY New York, simulcast on co-owned KLLI Dallas, WYSP Philadelphia, WBCN Boston, WRKZ Pittsburgh, WNCX Cleveland and WPBZ West Palm Beach.

“Where do you start on a gig like this?” Roth asked, before answering his own question with a post-New Year’s discussion of what to eat when you have a hangover. For Roth, it’s “a two-cheeseburger happy meal super-sized with a Coke.”

In his first hour, Roth also reminisced about listening to radio for the first time as a child in the early 60s. He briefly sang along to a soul song and made suggestions about what should be done with the space at Ground Zero in New York’s lower Manhattan.

Roth didn’t wrangle any rock royalty guests to help him through his first syndicated show, though he did take a jab at Eddie Van Halen. When WFNY had difficulty-putting callers on the air, Roth quipped, “Who’s manning the phones, Eddie Van Halen?”

His only guest was his “Uncle Manny,” a World War II veteran who ran the influential Greenwich Village nightclub Café Wha? -- home to early performances by Jimi Hendrix.

More entertaining and cohesive on day one of life without Howard Stern was Roth’s west coast counterpart. Adam Carolla’s program originates at KLSX Los Angeles and is beamed to CBS sisters KIFR San Francisco, KSCF San Diego, KZON Phoenix, KUFO Portland and KXTE Las Vegas. Entercom’s modern rock KWOD Sacramento, Calif., and Wilks Broadcasting’s similarly formatted KFRR Fresno, Calif. have also inked Carolla, via CBS-managed Westwood One.

Late-night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel, who serves as Carolla’s creative consultant, joined Carolla for most of his maiden show.

Based at WCKG Chicago, Rover is the third CBS morning host to pick up multiple former Stern affiliates. Rover is also heard on WXTM Cleveland, WAZU Columbus, WKRK Detroit, WAQZ Cincinnati, WMFS Memphis and WZNE Rochester.