Feb. 2 hearing called at House of Commons.

A cross-selection of music industry executives have been granted an opportunity to voice their opinions on digital rights management before some of Britain's key decision makers in the Internet field.

Among those who will attend a Feb. 2 oral evidence session at the House of Commons in London are representatives from trade bodies the Assn. of Independent Music, the British Phonographic Industry and British Music Rights, plus digital music firms EMusic.com and Snocap.

The All Party (Parliamentary) Internet Group intends to use the hearing as a discussion forum following a public inquiry it launched last November into issues surrounding DRM. More than 90 written submissions have since received, the APIG says, more than half of those from companies and trade associations.

The APIG exists to provide a forum for new media industries and parliamentarians to consider Internet issues as they affect society, and to inform parliamentary debate. It is open to all parliamentarians in both the House of Commons and House of Lords.

The executives will discuss Internet issues with Derek Wyatt, member of parliament for Sittingbourne and Sheppey; Ian Taylor, MP for Esher; and Sir Merlin Hay, the Earl of Erroll, who is the secretary of APIG.

Findings will be published in spring 2006. EMusic.com, AOL, Audible.com, Random House and the law firm SJ Berwin will meet the cost of producing the report.