Nightclubs, bars and restaurants are being targetted.

ASCAP filed 24 copyright infringement lawsuits today (Feb. 27) against nightclubs, bars and restaurants in 11 states. The performing rights organization claims that the establishments have refused to pay for performance of compositions of its member writers and publishers.

"ASCAP is simultaneously filing these 24 actions to create awareness among music users and the public that it is a federal offense to perform copyrighted music without permission," says Vincent Candilora, senor VP of licensing. "Taking legal action is always ASCAP's last step in a long process of contacting, informing and educating business establishments of their obligations under the federal copyright law. With many of these cases, ASCAP's licensing efforts have been ongoing for well over a year, so they have had plenty of time to do the right thing."

In 2005, ASCAP filed similar actions against more than 100 establishments throughout the country. About 75% of those suits have been settled or are in settlement negotiations, ASCAP reports.

The establishments sued today and their locations are: Bellagio Restaurant, Garden Grove, Calif.; Sky Bar, Sacramento, Calif.; Howard's Pit BBQ, Colorado Springs, Colo.; Water's Edge Inn & Resort, Westbrook, Conn.; Flow, West Palm Beach, Fla.; Braswell Country Palace, Rockmart, Ga.; Tango, Tybee Island, Ga.; The Bamboo Room, Schaumburg, Ill.; Spoon, Chicago; Cheeta's of Lansing, Lansing, Mich.; Liberty Steakhouse & Brewery, High Point, N.C.; Five Spot, Brooklyn, N.Y.; Light, New York City; Broadway Joe's, Buffalo, N.Y.; Karma 355/Barfly, Rochester, N.Y.; Spill, Austin, Tex.; Nasty's, Austin, Tex.; Uropa, Dallas; Vision, Houston; El Principe Azul Nite Club, Houston; My House Lounge, San Antonio; Galaxy Billiards, San Antonio; Blakely's Restaurant and Dance Club, Chesapeake, Va.; and Paper Moon/Norfolk St., Richmond, Va.