Hooper joins as an independent director.

Michele J. Hooper has been elected to Warner Music Group Corp.'s board of directors. She will serve as an independent director on WMG's board and will sit on its audit committee.

Hooper, 54, is a co-founder and managing partner of the Directors' Council, a Chicago-based firm specializing in corporate board of director recruitment.

WMG said in a statement that with the election of Hooper, the publicly-listed company now has two independent directors on its three-person audit committee and is therefore in compliance with New York Stock Exchange requirements for newl-registered companies.

WMG chairman and CEO Edgar Bronfman, Jr. commented that Hooper "brings considerable insight to our board."

WMG added that the company expects to add a third independent director to its board and audit committee by May 2006.

WMG also said Charles Brizius, a non-independent director designated by Thomas H. Lee Partners, has resigned from WMG's board of directors. Meanwhile, Richard Bressler, formerly an independent WMG director, ceased to be independent as a result of his employment with THL.

Bressler will stay on the board as a THL-designated director. WMG is party to a stockholders agreement that permits five directors on the board to be designated by THL. The resignation of Brizius returns the number of THL-designated directors to five.