Ticket buyers receive free digital Cars, Blondie album.

eMusic and Ticketmaster have teamed up to offer a free digital album download to fans who purchase concert tickets online for the upcoming "Road Rage 2006" tour, which pairs the Cars and Blondie.

Customers who buy their ticket for the tour via either VH1classic.com or Ticketmaster.com will receive a confirmation e-mail plus a promotional code. They can redeem this at digital music retailer eMusic for a free album featuring both bands.

Each band will supply five tracks for the album. The Cars' offering comprises four live tracks and the new studio track "Not Tonight." Blondie's offering incorporates four unreleased live tracks and the new studio cover of "More Than This."

N.Y.-based eMusic recently expanded its offering with the addition of 40 new independent labels, which brings the company's roster of partner labels to 4,000. The company also announced it has passed the 150,000 subscriber mark and facilitated more than nine million downloads in the first two months of the year.