Study done Jan.-Feb., 1,000 people polled.

Mercury Radio Research has released the results of a survey of 1,000 people conducted in Jan.-Feb. about HD Radio and the iPod. Given the choice between the two technologies at the same price, better than 50% preferred HD over the iPod.

In polling men and women aged 12-54 of various ethnicities, Mercury gave participants a description of HD radio and asked for their preference versus iPods. Overall, 53% gave the thumbs up to HD, while 37% chose the iPod and 10% answered “don’t know.”

Broken out, 18-34 adults chose HD by a 51% margin compared to 43% who selected iPods and 6% answering “don’t know.”

HD led by 59% to iPod’s 28% in adults 25-54, with 13% of respondents answering “don’t know.”

More info on the study, including format breakouts are available at