Amp'd Mobile, Verizon Wireless get aggressive.

Wireless operators Amp’d Mobile and Verizon Wireless are growing increasingly aggressive in broadcasting concert footage to mobile phones.

Amp’d, a startup operator leasing airtime on Verizon’s high-speed wireless network, is a co-sponsor of Fall Out Boy’s “Black Clouds and Underdogs” tour, along with MTV2. On March 19, it will broadcast live the complete performance, including special guests All-American Rejects and Hawthorne Heights, taking place at Tweeter at the Waterfront in Camden, N.J. The broadcast is free to all Amp’d subscribers.

Amp’d will then offer exclusive content from the show—such as individual live tracks, video downloads and ringtones—after the fact.

Verizon is airing select shows at the South by Southwest Music Festival, including performances by The Rakes, Morningwood, and We Are Scientists. In total, Verizon will air 10 performances over four days.

Verizon’s footage will not be aired live, but rather is making each performance available as a download following the showcase. The live footage also will be available for free for a “limited time.”