NPR delivers 45 podcast programs to mobiles.

Mobile podcasting is beginning to gain some traction as a number of podcasting companies and content providers are turning to mobile phones to distribute the popular format.

National Public Radio has begun delivering 45 of its podcast programs to mobile phones using a service called Mobilcast. The Mobilcast service, run by Melodeo, offers various podcast channels that users can choose to stream their preferred program. No downloading is involved. Programs include “All Songs Considered,” "NPR Story of the Day,” and “On Gambling with Mike Pesca.” NPR member station KCRW in Santa Monica, Calif. also is contributing its custom content to the service.

Meanwhile, another mobile podcasting service provider—Pod2Mobile—introduced an automated advertising system. Podcasters contributing programs to the Pod2Mobile service can place ads into their podcasts. Pod2Mobile sells and records the 20-second commercials, and automatically ads them to the beginning of each podcast delivered via its system.